Urban Future - Technology advancement

Urban Future technologyURBAN FUTURE Technology invests in the development and industrialization of the most promising technologies in the areas of health, green energy, resource efficiency, new material, urban development and life quality. Through assigning leading experts of each sector as consultants, and close collaborations with research institutes, universities, R&D centres, leading industry executives, and high-technology companies, it is able to leverage the best resources available across sectors to support URBAN FUTURE pilot projects.

For each project, we incorporate different technologies into a customized, holistic and innovative solution, which further amplifies the individual impacts of each technology, in order to create a robust, competitive ecological and economical model.

Main Areas We Invest In

From new generation energy storage to cutting edge new material and health care concept, we prepare cities for the future with solid competitiveness to continuously innovate and to lead.



  • Drinking water production, water supply, water treatment
  • Soil Decontamination & Re-cultivating
  • Waste Management
  • Coal/ Plastics to Oil


  • Solar Next Generation
  • Offshore wind power
  • Energy Storage
  • Geothermal Power
  • Flare Gas
  • Waste to Energy


  • Immunology
  • Stem Cells
  • Cell Biology
  • Wellbeing Concepts
  • Alternative & New Medicine


  • Communication
  • 3D Print & Light Weight Material For Automotive & Airspace
  • Nanotechnology & New Material
  • Natural Construction System & Material
  • Robotics
Life Quality

Life Quality

  • Smart City Services
  • URBAN FUTURE (UF) Fairs & Convention Centre
  • UF Tech Cluster
  • UF Education
  • UF Innovation & R&D
  • UF Incubator & Finance Services