Making a better future real.

We are beginning a new era, global challenges like climate change, global warming, resource crisis, pollution, and aging population, as well as poverty, unemployment, widening income gap, and international financial crisis have all added to the uncertainties of the world.

We are faced with ever rising challenges and obstacles. Despite the emergence of new technologies, old business patterns are becoming increasingly harmful to our economy and environment. We need urgent change. Only with the courage to innovate and reform can we stop destroying the environment and remove bottlenecks blocking global growth and development.

Only then, we can create the future that we want.

Thus, URBAN FUTURE (UF) Group takes the initiative and incorporates knowledge, capital and cutting-edge technologies to create pilot projects around the world, in order to help the most ambitious cities make the better future real.

In the better future, a city is green, livable, sustainable, resilient, agile, diverse, vibrant and fun;

….it creates protections against uncertainties, empowers and inspire its citizens;
… it increases productive, innovation, health, wellbeing and strengthen social cohesion;
… it provides jobs, education, joy and continuous hopes.

This is the city we can help you build.

Imagine, your city will....

Imagine your city

  • Have access to the most advanced sustainable technologies across the globe
  • Employ world’s best experts for your urban projects
  • Attract innovative industries and accelerate the economy upgrade
  • Build the most livable, diverse, inspiring sustainable urban communities
  • Become the global benchmark for sustainable urban development

We make it real

Urban Future global conferenceThe URBAN FUTURE global conference is Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities,  it provides a platform to acquire the most advance concepts, knowledge and expertise on sustainable urban development.

Urban Future technologyThe URBAN FUTURE technology introduces cutting-edge sustainable technologies, solutions as well as industrial partners into the projects, in order to create a robust, competitive ecological and economical model.

Urban Future financeThe URBAN FUTURE capital works with top-end investors and finance specialists to provide finance models from debt financing to the IPO, as well as risk management of all ventures.

Urban Future projectsThe URBAN FUTURE holding bridges the gap between discussion and construction. It works with the most visionary cities and incorporates all resources from the our platforms into the pilot projects.

We prepare you for the next-generation technology

We prepare you

Cities will also benefit from our investment in the most promising technologies from the areas across health, green energy, resource efficiency, new material, urban development and life quality. Through the URBAN FUTURE innovation cluster, we will introduce and implement the newest technologies into the pilot project, as well as to promote local innovations.

The URBAN FUTURE innovation cluster includes –

  • Platform for Smart City Services
  • URBAN FUTURE Tech Cluster
  • URBAN FUTURE Education Centre
  • URBAN FUTURE Innovation & R&D Centre
  • URBAN FUTURE Incubator & Finance Services
  • URBAN FUTURE Fairs & Convention Centre

It connects the local economy to our global innovation network, and will help to further steer the local society into a resilient, prosper and sustainable future.

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